The Blind Date

In the last issue of the Writer’s Digest there was a prompt to write a short story beginning with: “If you can guess what’s in my pocket, you can have it.” I decided to give it a shot and the following is the short story I came up with.

The Blind Date

“If you can guess what’s in my pocket you can have it.”
Okera forced herself to smile at the man walking next to her down the almost abandoned sidewalk. It had rained just before they left the restaurant and the street glistened with puddles of water illuminated by the flashing signs above their heads.
Her sister set her up on a blind date and throughout dinner Marc,with his cute dimples, had been pleasant and funny. Despite her misgivings about the whole situation she had enjoyed herself.
Now this.
Okera glanced to her right as a taxi sped by blasting its horn and splashing through puddles. She looked up at Marc, his dark skin highlighted by the neon lights in the Square. “No that’s ok. I think I’ll pass.”
“Come on.”
She shook her head. She wasn’t going to guess and sure wasn’t going to put her hand in his pocket.
A deep chuckle shook his broad shoulders and he gave her a lopsided smile. “Scaredy cat. You’re no fun.”
She shrugged. But her sister’s advice popped into her head, just relax and have fun. Be spontaneous. Okera sighed and stopped walking. “Alright fine.”
She tapped a finger on her temple, pretending to consider what he was hiding. “A diamond ring?”
Marc laughed. “No.”
“Candy?” She liked chocolates, maybe her sister told him that.
She threw her hands up in mock surrender. “Ok, I give up.”
“Hold out your hand.”
When she did he placed a furry object into her palm. She cocked her head to the side, trying to determine what it was. “Is this your lucky rabbit’s foot?”
“No, look closer.”
Okera lifted the furry thing up to the light. It looked like a tail of some kind, a short tufted tail. She shrugged, still not sure what the thing was.
“It belonged to your sister.”
Her head snapped up at the softly spoken words. A cold trickle worked its way down her spine. Jai. Her chest constricted, the sounds of their surroundings almost a whisper compared to the loud drumming of her blood in her ears. What did this man know? Had he done something to her sister or was this some weird joke? Okera resisted the urge to take out her phone and call Jai.
She looked into Marc’s face and took a step back at seeing the evil grin that contorted his handsome face. “I’ve been looking for the two of you for a long time.”
Pain exploded in bright sparks behind her eyes when his hand connected with her face. “How long did the two of you think you could hide?”
It started to rain again. Perfect. It would be easier to get away if he couldn’t follow her scent. Okera felt the familiar tingle shimmer across her skin and in the next instant she was on all fours atop her pile of clothes, looking up at Marc. She hissed her hatred and spurred by the instinct to survive, bounded down the street squeezing her feline body through a small opening in a nearby fence.


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