Summer is Here…

Its been a while since I’ve posted and I apologize for that.  Work has been so hectic.  Even though I haven’t been blogging I try to keep up with the other blogs I follow and read any new posts. Bloglovin is a blessing in that regard.  Everything in one place.

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Some good news:

I got accepted to Graduate school! The acceptance came late and I applied so long ago I actually thought I hadn’t gotten in.  But I was pleasantly surprised about two weeks ago and in addition to work, writing and being a mommy (at nights I tend to crash after reading my son his bedtime story) I’ve been trying to sort out how I’m going to make this all work.  I applied to Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.  I have friends who have attended college in Canada and all of them have good things to say about the place.

Some days I honestly think I’m a crazy person for trying to do so many things at once.  But if I want to make things happen I have to go for it.  No procrastinating.

How has summer 2014 been for you so far?


Blog idols

Most mornings I spend some time checking out other blogs.  I’ve found quite a few through Pinterest and Bloglovin and enjoy reading the different posts.

Alot of my favourites are actually natural hair and fashion blogs and not really writing or writer’s blogs.  I still read posts from fellow writers here on WordPress but its nice to give my mind a break from all the writing and writing related stuff.

In addition to the fun stuff, there’s lots of advice and links to resources on blogging in general.  Every week I find something new and interesting.

Here are a few of my blog faves:

THE FEISTY HOUSE by Krystal K.: This is a natural hair, style & beauty blog with posts inspired by Krystal’s goals and life.  Her posts and pics are great. I love that she has launched her own businesses from her blog.

KINKS ARE THE NEW PINK by Ashlei: This blog also has posts on natural hair but it is more about style.  She has posts on defining your personal style and style inspirations.   She is also a personal stylist & shopper.  Pretty cool.

HEY FRAN HEY: by Francheska: This one is more about healthy and natural living.  She posts great pics and has posts on living healthy, including recipes and links.  Fran inspired me to try the oil cleansing method to combat my acne prone skin and so far it has been working well.  In the few weeks I’ve been doing it my skin seems alot brighter.

I am still in search of black authors on Bloglovin…haven’t found any as yet.  If you know of anyone please let me know and I’ll check them out.

Bucket List?

In case you missed a few of my posts the past few weeks, I’ve been reminiscing alot. Going through old pics and thinking about what I’ve done so far in my life and what I have yet to do.  There are alot of things I would love to see and do before I get too old to do them.   So to that end I sat down and wrote a bucket list. Sort of.

I really don’t want to call it a bucket list.  It sounds too melancholy.   I think it will be my Awesome List or maybe my Great Expectations list.  But then most, if not all, of these can be accomplished in a few years if I plan properly.  So how about “My Before 40 List”.  I’m still working on the name and I won’t say how long I have before that age.

Anyway this is a list of things I would love to accomplish in the next few years before I hit the big 40…


  • Travel across Europe
  • Visit China
  • Roadtrip across the USA
  • Travel across Canada


  • Learn to swim
  • Conquer my fear of heights and go zip-lining
  • Get a tattoo with my son’s name and birthdate
  • Buy a car
  • Build a house
  • Learn a new language


  • Attend a blog conference
  • Do Blogcademy
  • Attend Writers Digest Annual Writing Conference
  • Attend New York City Wine & Food Festival
  • Attend a natural hair conference/meet-up

WRITING (this should have been first but saved the best for last)

  • Write & publish at least 3 novels
  • Get my own website


If you have any suggestions for anything on my list please let me know.



Throw back Thursday II

It seems like I’ve been reminiscing alot lately. Went through some more of my Facebook albums and thought I’d share some more pics. This time from a trip I took to Los Angeles one Christmas.

It rained the entire time I was there (so disappointing) but I still managed to have fun and make a few friends.



Santa Monica Pier



Chilling at Madame Toussaud’s with JT


Of course I had to take pic of the Star Wars foot prints at Mann’s Chinese Theater. I was wearing my Star Wars shirt that day.


Also spent a day at Sea World in San Diego. I basically touched any animal that allowed me to.




Hope you enjoy the pics.




Pinterest round up: April

At the beginning of this month I had posted my favourite pins from Pinterest from March.  I thought it would be nice to do it for the month of April too.

Below are some of my favourite/interesting pins from Pinterest.

Hair:  I’ve been seeing these flexirods styles from a couple of people I’m following on Pinterest.  I’ve seen the rods for sale at one of the beauty supply stores too.  My hair really shrinks up after a wash so this would be a great way to stretch it.  The curls look really nice too.

Stretch 4c Hair With Flexi Rods Tutorial




Blogging: The Blogcademy is a two day workshop where newbie and seasoned bloggers learn skills to take their blogging up a notch. They provide blogging resources and also you get a personal critique of your blog from the headmistresses (as they cal themselves) to help improve your little piece of cyberspace. The Blogcademy takes place in different cities around the world so it might be in a city near you.  Check out their website.  This sounds like a ton of fun and educational.  Would love to participate.

Overview | The Blogcademy


Style:  I am in no way a fashionista.  My wardrobe staples are jeans and t-shirts for the most part but lately as I get older I’ve been thinking about re-evaluating my closet and making a few changes.  The first step to that I have realized is figuring out what my personal style is. Can I take my jeans and t-shirt look to another level without compromising comfort?  (I really don’t like heels.) This post from Kinks Are the New Pink was really helpful.



Did anyone else find any Pinterest gems this past month?


Throw Back Thursday…

I wanted share with you guys a few pics from 2008, I think.  Was browsing through my Facebook page and came across these pictures, there’s alot more but just gonna go with these.

It feels like so dang long ago but that summer I went on a study program for three weeks in Paris and I now realize how long my hair had been then.


View of the Eiffel Tower.


Did I mention I went to culinary school?


 My dreads were so long then.

I hope my friends don’t  mind me putting up their pics.  Lol!




My fave Pinterest posts…


I wanted to share with you guys some of my favourite posts from Pinterest that I’ve found in the past few weeks.

Starting with, of course, writing…



This is so true. You always seem to have something rattling around in your brain that just screams write me now but you are still in the process of working on something else.  It’s very easy to get sidetracked sometimes.

2. This one caught my eye because of the Game of Thrones (I’m a huge fan) pic but some really good advice on the website.

Six Defining Characteristics of Strong Female Protagonists

3. Show don’t tell.  This I really need to work on.

How to Show Instead of Tell in Your Writing


Now for Hair:

1. I want my hair to grow this long.  This is awesome!


2. Finding the right hair products for your natural hair

How To Find The Right Hair Products For Your Natural Hair

3. Healthy hair rules

My 10 Healthy Hair Rules by Just Grow Already! blog



Do you have any favourite pins on Pinterest?