Touching Widows Book Review


Book: Touching Widows

Pages: 88

Publcation Date: 07/31/2008

Publisher: AuthorHouse


Touching Widows is a short novel divided into four parts about an angel sent to Earth. At first Bishop is not sure why he’s here. Drawn by various tragedies, he discovers his purpose and helps unfortunate widows find peace. With only a touch he can see what brought each person to the breaking point in their lives and offers hope for the future. Before he leaves, Bishop gives each woman a parting note.

Rating: ♥♥♥

The book is really short and for a fast reader like me it took barely a full afternoon to finish. To say anything more about it would give away too much.

I like the basic message of Touching Widows; always believe in God, he will see you through. There are a lot of horrors in the world and though we might not have our own guardian angel, the book sends the message that we are stronger than we believe and to never give up hope. Life goes on.

The story progresses very quickly. There’s not much build up except for part 2 which is the longest chapter of the book and a bit graphic and explicit. Another issue is the fact that there is no obvious break in dialogue. Everything flows into one, I don’t know if that was deliberate or a formatting problem. At times I wasn’t sure which character was speaking. I would have to stop and reread it to be clear. With the author being a poet, the notes Bishop leaves are nice little poems of inspiration.

Despite everything it was an interesting book. The story is different.

The book is available on B&N and Amazon.


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