Book Review: The Girl with all the Gifts


Title: The Girl With All The Gifts

Author: M.R. Carey

Genre: Science Fiction

Rating: ♥♥♥♥½

The title of this book led me to believe that it was a sort of fantasy but then I found it listed under science fiction in the Kindle store. Either way it’s a fitting title. The title comes from the main character’s, Melanie, favourite story. Melanie is sort of the golden child.
The author did a very good job of keeping me guessing about Melanie and the other children that are in the school. Their unusual habits and the detached, almost fearful way the adults dealt with them made me wonder what kind of gifts these children could have.
Melanie thinks daily about why they are in their school and what it could mean for them after school is over. She tells herself stories and fantasizes alot. None of the children are aware really of their ‘skills’ and it’s only after one incident in the classroom between Melanie’s favourite teacher and Sergeant and one of the other students that you figure out exactly what makes these children special. The revelation is scary and it hooks you even more.
The book is short but well written. I couldn’t put it down for too long. I wanted to find out who or what the children really were and what their purpose was. Then when I did I was eager to know how it was going to play out. There’s a bit of medical jargon that I didn’t understand a word of but that didn’t take away from the story for me. The ending was the icing on the cake.
I won’t say more than that. I’m afraid of giving away too much. I will say, however, that it is a great book to read. Worth keeping in my library.


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