I’m Renee.  I live in Barbuda, the smaller island in the twin island state of Antigua & Barbuda with my son Noah & my mom Daphne.

Thanks to my mom I developed a love of reading from an early age.  I am a self proclaimed nerd & I love science fiction (movies & books) & romance novels.  I’ve been an English teacher, tutor & tourism officer.

A couple years ago I attempted to write my first novel.  It never got finished, the files are somewhere lost on my hard drive.  But now I’ve decided to take that leap again & work on a book.  Being a mother to a two year old, time is limited but I have made the commitment to do something I’ve always wanted to do.

The first draft of my first full manuscript is finished. It has gone through a few edits & is currently going through a bit of an overhaul.



Favourite Movies: All the Star Wars movies.

Favourite Author:  After discovering her obituary in the NYTimes and buying her books at B&N, Octavia Butler went to the top of the list as my all time favourite author.  Her books are amazing. I don’t even have a favourite.

Favourite  TV shows: Game of Thrones, True Blood, Vikings, Two Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory, NCIS

Worst Habit: Pinterest. I’ve been using it to procrastinate research book ideas & basically anything else I can think of.


I originally started blogging to document my journey to becoming an author.  My posts included stuff I’ve learned along the way, plus updates on my book.  I welcome any comments and advice that you may have for an aspiring author.

I recently hit the two year mark since I first started blogging.  I’ve discovered that I enjoy blogging and sharing more than just things about writing.  One thing I have come to realize since I started and that is I love learning and discovering new things. 

My blog will continue to cover topics on writing but I also enjoy sharing the things that make me happy which include books, food & movies.  

I hope my blog inspires someone to take a step towards doing something different that they might not have thought they could do before; to step outside your comfort zone.  



Artwork in my header is from Freepik.


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