Flat Twistout using Cantu Coconut Curling cream

Last week I bought the As I am Coconut Co-wash and the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream. It was my first time using both products and I was eager to see how they worked out for my hair.

collage 2Pics on the left: Flat twist style. I had this style in for a few days.

Right: Working those curls (sort of). My mother asked me: Is that how you are leaving the house? I’m like: Yeah! (LOL)


I used the co-wash then air dried a bit.  I applied Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in conditioner diluted with a little water. Then applied a mixture of coconut, avocado and castor oil.  Afterwards I did a flat twist on the sides leaving a little hair out on the top which I twisted in to get some curls.

The Cantu Curly cream has a very nice scent.  I don’t think it gave any extraordinary definition in my curls.  I’ve done flat twists with just the leave in conditioner and got basically the same results. My hair tends to be frizzy and I always seem to end up with more of an afro rather than any real curl definition.

I’ve also noticed that my hair is breaking.  I’m not sure what I am doing that’s causing the breakage. I had alot of little knots on my ends a few weeks ago and I clipped those and I have been moisturizing and detangling only when wet but still I have alot of hair on my fingers when styling.

Any tips on combating breakage? What’s the best way to get some curl definition? I’m still trying to work this one out.


In other news:

I voted today!

collage 3



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