Pinterest round up: April

At the beginning of this month I had posted my favourite pins from Pinterest from March.  I thought it would be nice to do it for the month of April too.

Below are some of my favourite/interesting pins from Pinterest.

Hair:  I’ve been seeing these flexirods styles from a couple of people I’m following on Pinterest.  I’ve seen the rods for sale at one of the beauty supply stores too.  My hair really shrinks up after a wash so this would be a great way to stretch it.  The curls look really nice too.

Stretch 4c Hair With Flexi Rods Tutorial




Blogging: The Blogcademy is a two day workshop where newbie and seasoned bloggers learn skills to take their blogging up a notch. They provide blogging resources and also you get a personal critique of your blog from the headmistresses (as they cal themselves) to help improve your little piece of cyberspace. The Blogcademy takes place in different cities around the world so it might be in a city near you.  Check out their website.  This sounds like a ton of fun and educational.  Would love to participate.

Overview | The Blogcademy


Style:  I am in no way a fashionista.  My wardrobe staples are jeans and t-shirts for the most part but lately as I get older I’ve been thinking about re-evaluating my closet and making a few changes.  The first step to that I have realized is figuring out what my personal style is. Can I take my jeans and t-shirt look to another level without compromising comfort?  (I really don’t like heels.) This post from Kinks Are the New Pink was really helpful.



Did anyone else find any Pinterest gems this past month?


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