Throw Back Thursday…

I wanted share with you guys a few pics from 2008, I think.  Was browsing through my Facebook page and came across these pictures, there’s alot more but just gonna go with these.

It feels like so dang long ago but that summer I went on a study program for three weeks in Paris and I now realize how long my hair had been then.


View of the Eiffel Tower.


Did I mention I went to culinary school?


 My dreads were so long then.

I hope my friends don’t  mind me putting up their pics.  Lol!





2 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday…

    • Thanks. There are days when I regret cutting my dreads.
      The thing is I probably should have said I did Hospitality because I wanted to explore the tourism aspect of it. I have a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management & Tourism. When they told me I had to do culinary classes to earn my degree I damn near cried. LOL But I enjoyed it. Baking was one of my favourite classes. I still bake.

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