Camp Nanowrimo

Where should I begin about Camp Nano?

The short version is I didn’t meet my word count goal and with just a few days left, I definitely won’t make it to 30k.  I wrote close to 10k words and couldn’t go any further.

Now for the long version.

I started off pretty good but just fell off along the way.  I’m starting to wonder why that is since this is basically what happened the last time I attempted to do Camp Nano.

My problem seems to be the fact that I keep going over what I have already written and fixing things.  I can’t just write and put off editing little things like bad spelling for later.  I have to fix it.  I see that little red line and I can’t not go back and make it go away.

The other reason could be that my story probably wasn’t ready yet.  My outline was incomplete and needed more developing but I thought at the time that I had enough to give it a shot.  Obviously that was a bad idea.

But I learned a lesson.  I won’t say I will never try Camp Nano again or never attempt the November Nano.  I will however make sure I am alot more prepared and that I am ready to start writing.

How has Camp Nano been for you? Please share.






I hope everyone one had a good Easter weekend.   Did a little shopping, went to the beach.  Didn’t enjoy mine as much as I thought  I would but c’est la vie.

Anyway I wanted to share a few pics I took the other day.  Trying my hand at a bit of photography in hopes of improving my blog pics.





I think they came out pretty good. Didn’t edit them in any way.


Happy Easter!!

This weekend is a long one for most of us.  I plan on having a little fun but also planning on doing alot of writing.  The past week helped me catch up a bit but I am still behind on my word count.



Camp NaNoWriMo: Half way point

I wanted to give a quick update on my Camp Nano progress.

The month is just about half way done and I’ve made it to just over 7k of my 30k  word count goal.  Think its safe to say its not going so well.   Honestly, I don’t know what it is but stuff just keeps getting in the way.

But all is not lost.

I still have about two and half weeks left and I am going to be going hard to get closer to that goal.

Wish me luck!


Throw Back Thursday…

I wanted share with you guys a few pics from 2008, I think.  Was browsing through my Facebook page and came across these pictures, there’s alot more but just gonna go with these.

It feels like so dang long ago but that summer I went on a study program for three weeks in Paris and I now realize how long my hair had been then.


View of the Eiffel Tower.


Did I mention I went to culinary school?


 My dreads were so long then.

I hope my friends don’t  mind me putting up their pics.  Lol!




Interview with WL Samuel, author of Touching Widows

Book: Touching Widows

W.L. Samuel is an Antiguan author, who gave me a bit of advice as an aspiring author. As a self published author I thought it would be great to interview him for my blog and see what other bits of wisdom he could impart.

Brief summary of Touching Widows
“Why am I here?” Were the first words that entered Bishop’s mind when he finds himself in a cemetery. He discovers why as he is pulled into one tragedy after another from New York to Florida.

Publisher: AuthorHouse
Genre: Fiction

Published: 01/19/2009

1. What inspired you to start writing?
I write for the love of writing. I use to write as a hobby, a short story here and there, a poem here and there. Until one day my wife encouraged me to enter a poetry competition which I won. I guess you can say my eyes opened to what my wife has been telling me all along, that I write well enough to be a published author. It was then I was inspired and dreamed to be successful author.
2. Where did you get the inspiration for the book, Touching Widows?
I honestly have to say divine intervention, because my original idea died as soon as the pen touched the paper.
3. Why base the book in the US and not in Antigua?
The story was based in the U.S for two reasons: 1- that is the territory I was most familiar with. 2- I have knowledge of events taking place in the said location. So, even though Touching Widows is fictional, it is fiction based on reality. Scary but true, things happen in Touching Widows that has happened in real life and is still happening today.
4. Do you share any personal traits with your main character Bishop?
I think we all have multiple personalities, especially writers. I believe Bishop is the angelical side of me.
5. Why did you decide to self publish and why use AuthorHouse? I’m thinking to use Kindle Direct Publishing or BookBaby, they both have a print on demand service.
I decided to self-publish because my wife suggested it. I chose Author House (AH) because I submitted my manuscript to several companies and AH responded in two days and express how excited they were about my book and the fact that it wasn’t redundant. They said the story doesn’t sound like it has been told before and it has movie qualities. The mention of movie hooked me.
6. Do you have any favourite authors and did they in any way influence what you chose to write?
My favorite authors are John Grisham, James Clavell, Mario Puzo, James Patterson, and Tom Clancy. They do not influence what I choose to write.
7. Do you have any other books in the works?
I have Poetry From My Mind To Yours which was published December 2012. I am putting the finishing touch on my new novel and hope to have it published by August.
8. Any advice for an aspiring author like myself?
My advice to you and anyone who wants to be an author is never quit. I have seen negative criticism about best selling authors books so that tells me to let them talk because the numbers of your fans don’t lie. And if you’re at a level where you don’t have fans in the millions, its alright, be patient and keep writing.
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My fave Pinterest posts…


I wanted to share with you guys some of my favourite posts from Pinterest that I’ve found in the past few weeks.

Starting with, of course, writing…



This is so true. You always seem to have something rattling around in your brain that just screams write me now but you are still in the process of working on something else.  It’s very easy to get sidetracked sometimes.

2. This one caught my eye because of the Game of Thrones (I’m a huge fan) pic but some really good advice on the website.

Six Defining Characteristics of Strong Female Protagonists

3. Show don’t tell.  This I really need to work on.

How to Show Instead of Tell in Your Writing


Now for Hair:

1. I want my hair to grow this long.  This is awesome!


2. Finding the right hair products for your natural hair

How To Find The Right Hair Products For Your Natural Hair

3. Healthy hair rules

My 10 Healthy Hair Rules by Just Grow Already! blog



Do you have any favourite pins on Pinterest?