Learning a lesson


I subscribed to the Writer’s Digest magazine on my Kindle and got the newest issue today.  There was a good article on creating conflict for the characters in your book.  I’m not going to list all the points made but here are the two that stood out to me:

1. Give your character dueling desires.  This is basically what works well in romance novels, at least to me, where the main character wants love but to find and keep that love they will untimately have to go against some committment that they previously made.

2. Put your character’s convictions to the test.  The MC believes strongly in something but to make the story work you will have to force the boundaries of those beliefs.

I’m working on the outline for a new project and the articles in the magazine have helped me think alot about going deeper into the story and not picking up just the superficial drama and possible conflict.

What lessons have you learned in your attempts to improve your work?


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