Food for thought

Recently, I’ve been wondering why it seems I never have much to say when it comes to writing my posts. I’ve tried planning my posts in advance and few other things to keep the content coming and still I’ve slackened off.

On Twitter a few days ago, I tweeted “as an author is it absolutely necessary to have my blog be only about my writing?”
Of course that tweet got lost in twitterverse, or wherever, especially since I have just a few followers but it got me thinking about it more and I came across this article from Kristen Lamb’s Blog.

I balance my time and days between being a mom, writing and blogging, working full time and I am also a ‘naturalista’ (I’m trying to eat healthier and embrace my hair in its natural state). All this could serve as inspiration for my blog posts especially on days when I’m in a rut with my writing.

What are your thoughts on having different topics on your blog?


One thought on “Food for thought

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